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Welcome to the community for the giving and taking of life experience advice! We've just started so please send friends our way.

If you have some good, helpful, useful and positive advice to give - be it where to buy great quality bed sheets and not spend a fortune to how to get through a particularly difficult situation in life - it is welcome here! Please review posting guidelines for general rules.

i. The advice you give should be helpful, considerate and based on your own experience. Nearly anything is accepted as long as you keep it relatively clean and unoffensive. No explicit material is allowed. This is a community for everyday, common experiences to be shared.
ii. Keep to about 5 posts per day.
iii. You are allowed to post random advice or to post a question asking for advice. Please keep in mind that posting something along the lines of, "to get the best deal on faded jeans go here," is allowed whereas, "I advise you to kill yourself," is not allowed.
iv. If you have problems, send me an LJ message.
v. Welcome and have fun!
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